How can I send documents to UNI WORLD BPO?
You can send your documents in the following ways:
    • Files transferred on FTP server
    • Send as an email attachment
    • Remotely logging in file transfer
    • Files received via web-based app
How to get to your server and transfer my records?
We will make an FTP site for you and provide for its login and password subtle elements. Likewise, we will give you the path to transfer your records.
How will you return the documents to me?
We send completed documents by:
    • Uploading the finished documents to a safe FTP server; or
    • Sending finished documents as an email connection; or
    • In case we get to the documents from your electronic application, we will finish the work on the same application
Do you utilize any information, administration, and programming?
 Yes, we utilize restrictive programming for information administration, and choose which programming to utilize depending on the undertaking type and clients' necessities.
What is your TAT?
 Speedier TAT separates us from our competitors, and it depends completely on the undertaking and customers' prerequisites. When you outsource data management administrations, you might be guaranteed that our turnaround time would surpass your desires.
Do you have any data security to establish safety?
 Yes, we take information security, protection, and secrecy genuinely. Our data security measures are as follows:
    • Confidentiality assertions, administration level understandings & non-revelation understandings are signed at the beginning of each undertaking
    • We have introduced anti-virus software and firewalls
    • We have confined print authorizations in our workplaces
    • Security measures are introduced at representatives' frameworks to forestall information vandalism or robbery
    • We have introduced procedures to screen and locate any breach of security
    • We guarantee that just the encoded information is exchanged from clients' end of our framework
    • All our frameworks are checked to meet every security understandings
    • The external drives are disabled in our workstations
    • Security work forces are vigilant on a 24x7x365 premise at all our business locales
    • Employees aren't permitted to bring particular laptops, PDAs and electronic gadgets into the workplace premises

    Do you have any quality assurance process?
    Yes. We take after stringent quality confirmation courses of action to guarantee that our clients are furnished with precise information.
    Do you have the base to help data management administrations?
    Yes. At UNI WORLD BPO, we utilize the most recent technology and infrastructure.


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