You indicate the turnaround time; we meet or beat your due date. It's our work to sweat about the due dates, not yours. So when you set a period for us to be carried out, we need to provide for you true serenity that is really when you'll have it. Whether it is transcribing videos, or speech to text or even voice as well as sound transcription, we've got you secured, with the goal that you can continue to concentrate on your current workload.

Don't become involved with awkward translation tasks, or waste your workers’ time when they could be profiting. Trust UNI WORLD BPO to accomplish your interpretation rapidly, exactly, and at a value you could be amped up for.

Simple is Better

We would prefer simply not to be quick, we strive to be the more exact interpretation, administration conceivable, which is the reason your fulfilment is ensured. In the event that you are troubled for any reason with the work we do, simply tell us in seven days. We will remedy the issue, or essentially give a full discount.

We make submitting material simple. No compelling reason to attempt and bobble through the trouble of information exchanges, broadening lapses, or confused documents. Transfer specifically from your workstation or send us the URL to your material. We acknowledge a horde of document sorts, so you don't need to go on a wild goose pursue for open source projects to change over .wav to .mp4.

High-Quality Medical Transcription

With regard to medical transcription UNI WORLD BPO permits healing centres and suppliers to outsource a basic business procedure, decrease costs, and enhance the nature of medical documentation, without extra capital financing. UNI WORLD BPO outsourcing administrations let suppliers essentially lessen interior assets needed to oversee restorative translation, along these lines, expanding the concentrate on centre business exercises and patient consideration. An UNI WORLD BPO Manager benefits the association throughout the implementation procedure and through all interpretation administrations, guaranteeing that cost, quality, and turnaround targets are attained.

Privacy & secrecy: We take the protection and the security of your data genuinely, and are committed to keeping up high security gauges. This site is secured by SSL and subject to a quarterly outside security review.

Computerized Audio Transcription: Our transcribers can work with for all intents and purpose any advanced sound organization, including DSS, WMA, MP3, MP4, AVI, WAV, DVD, USB stick. We acknowledge computerized media, for example, USB drives, DVDs and CDs.


Your team is really very quick to respond and submit assignment. Output has been approved and we are ready to sign contract for next 1 year with your Company. Luca Stefano Sartori - Italy