Why Us

As an Outsourcing BPO company we understand the competitive view-point. That’s why our over-the-edge competitive perks keeps us a pint ahead from our competitors. We believe in serving our client with the best of our capabilities through our trained professionals, excellent Infrastructure, latest technology, cost controlled services, and happy clients.
Advantages of Selecting Uni World BPO
No Time Constrain :- Yes, once we take an order we make sure that we don’t have any time issue, whatever the conditions are on the desk our client gets the work on or before time. But we don’t compromise with the quality.
All hands on the desk policy  :- We believe that our work is to serve our client and so we have all-hands-on-the-desk policy. This enables us to create a team in which every individual is ready to pull to his/her maximum.
Over-the-Edge Technology : - Our over the edge technology and excellent man power enables us to take all types of project and deliver the result within the deadline.
Cost and Quality Advantage
Trained Gems :- We believe that a company is made from its employees and its infrastructure. Our employees are our Gems. We hand-pick and polish our Gems till they are professional and affluent in their skills. The qualities of output we serve our clients are beyond their expectations making them satisfied enough to come back to us.
As far as the cost is concerned our modern and high-tech technologies and precise work with them reduces the cost tag to the bare minimum (but always the best quality).
Advantages of India 
As the fact goes we are located in Mumbai, Maharastra, India. This enables us to stay 14 hours ahead from Canada, 8 hours from the U.S.A., and 4 hours from the U.K. This helps the companies in the US, UK and Canada to get their work done before they wake-up and come to their office, as we will be working our level best for them. Secondly as we have huge trained man power in India we also make the deal with less sugar. So you get the same deal but your pocket will not be very loose, as it happens when you go to any other company, in any other country.



Your team is really very quick to respond and submit assignment. Output has been approved and we are ready to sign contract for next 1 year with your Company. Luca Stefano Sartori - Italy